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You have the opportunity of a lifetime with the Global Domains International affiliate program.  There is a lot of potential for success and a lot of money to be made.  Before joining though, there are a number of frequently asked questions that may help you in the beginning phases.

Global Domains International, Inc

1. How do you build your business without selling anything?
This question often arises because unlike many affiliate programs, you do not actually sell anything with the Global Domains International affiliate program.  Instead, the company does all of the selling for you.  All you have to do is provide the company with names and emails to which the company will send out a personalized email from you.

2. How do you see who has signed up under you?
There is 24/7 access to a real time reporting page that will display all of the hits to your site, all trials placed, and all of the active customers you have.  Along with this, it will also show you your downline from 1 to 5 and all of the commissions that are due to you.

3. What is the invite section?
The invite section is a place where you can send customized emails to prospects.  The only thing is that you must have already had prior contact with them at some point.  Even though the Global Domains International affiliate program will send emails out for you, it shows your prospects that you care when you take time out of your day to send a personalized email.

4. How do you use the banners?
The banners are given to you from GDI as an advertising and marketing method.  By placing banners on your website, you can promote the product offering.  Then every time someone clicks on the banner and purchases something, you earn commission from it. 

5. How often do you receive commissions?
Every month you will receive your commissions via the source of payment you selected on the 15th.  The only reason you would not receive your commissions is if your commissions earned is lower then the minimum payout amount.  The minimum payout amount you can select is $10.  Anything less than this will be carried over to the next month until you earn at least that minimum amount.

6. What payment methods are there?
As with most online businesses, the payment methods for the Global Domains International affiliate program is check, bank wire, and PayPal.  You can update your preferred payment method at any time if you choose to switch methods.

These are just a few common questions that may help you get into the Global Domains International affiliate program.  There is a lot of money to be made and knowing what you are getting into can help you get off on the right foot. 


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